Open Letter To The Real Estate Industry



There is no arguing this is a strange and anxiety-inducing time in the Real Estate industry, if not the entire world. Times are changing, and for everyone, there is the bigger question of what will happen next?


At Likely.AI, we believe in this industry. I believe in this industry. Real Estate is in my blood. I remember all those Friday nights as a kid watching VHS movies from BlockBuster while doing the “tri-fold and stuff” of letters for my father’s real estate team. Or holding open houses when I was only 12-years old, where I was not allowed to quote the price or sq/ft, just hand visitors flyers… as I was only an unlicensed kid helping my dad.


I love and support this industry and know that we will recover and thrive again. Many of us, myself included, have survived other downturns, only to come out leaner, meaner, and ready to win. I was inspired and consoled recently when Gary Keller put out his open letter about the Four Truths for Times of Uncertainty.  One of his main bullet points was to “Double Down on Leads.” As the co-Founder of a company that has built our business on providing vetted and validated Likely Seller leads, I couldn’t agree more. Like I said in my recent blogpost Leads? It’s a matter of quality over quantity; the time has come to spend your money wisely on leads that are quality, rather than on just a list of names.


To show solidarity to my friends and colleagues in the Real Estate industry, I am offering a deep discount on our nominal license fee to help weather these somewhat troubling times.


I believe so much in the accuracy of our models that I am willing to put our money where our mouth is. In other words, our success is predicated on your success. We don’t make a profit unless you make a profit. We are here as your partner, during this time of crisis and change. We absolutely believe that this time of difficulty will bring out a great change; much like the proverbial “Phoenix from the Flame” together we’ll all succeed. So with this offering, you, the real estate professional can build up a pipeline of listings, like seeds in a garden that will flourish when the market returns to normal.


We are in this together! You are not alone!


United, we will strive and thrive through these times and succeed!


In the meantime, stay safe; hold tight to those you love and keep the faith.


Your friend and partner.

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