When it comes to prospecting outreach, keep it simple.


So, you have a target list of potential sellers to go after and a rough idea of what you want to say – where do you start? There is the old saying that “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”


In this blog, I want to lay out a few simple tried and tested steps that will lead to responses and, ultimately, success. As with any cold-call or outreach initiative, your mindset going into will largely determine the success or failure of the campaign.


It’s paramount to have a script in place and just as important to keep it simple. There is no reason to over-complicate your messaging. Having a multi-prong approach in your outreach will lead to a better response as well. Contacting via phone, email, text, door knocking, and direct mail with a simple and straightforward message will lead to the optimum results.


Here are some steps we recommend (from client’s that have proven and practiced them):


Phone call

1. Call twice a day for the first five days, until you connect.

2. Introduce yourself as a local real estate professional (reference your profile and office for them to research that you are legitimate)

3. Keep your script simple – who you are, why you are calling and what you want

 “Hi Sally Seller, I’m John Smith with Luxury Real Estate. We have an office on 1234 Main Street. There has been a lot of interest and demand in your neighborhood, home prices are up 20%, and I wanted to see if you are open to receiving an offer on your home?”


4. If you don’t connect after five days of calling, leave a voicemail with the same direct message you would use if you spoke with them.


Text message

Send only one text message. Don’t mass text. It’s best to send a one-to-one text message. You can include a friendly video or voice attachment to go along with it. Utilize the same message from the calling script; straight and to the point.


Direct mail

Send a handwritten letter with the same short ask on the company letterhead. Include your business card and a date and time you’ll be reaching out.



With the subject line of the prospect’s address (i.e., Regarding 1234 Main Street), write your simple message and ask. Give them a time you will be contacting them directly if you don’t hear a response.


Door knocking

Hire a part-time contractor with a script to go door-to-door in the evening to introduce themselves as “working with” you the Realtor and seeing if they are interested. You pay the contractor on a percentage or dollar amount of every deal sourced from knocking. If they don’t get a response, have them leave-behind materials.



One of the most impactful forms of communication is video. Whether you reference a link on a direct mail piece or send a link out via email, video is nearly a guaranteed method of getting connected with your prospect.


As you go about your campaigning, make sure to acknowledge or ask about any iBuyer offers that the prospect may have. There is a high likelihood they’ve had such and addressing the virtual “elephant in the room” when it comes to the iBuyer offers is a further way to cement your industry expertise. The value they have of working with you, a licensed Realtor, is the assurance of the highest possible offer with a negotiator working on their behalf.


In the end, working these steps is a surefire way to achieve success.


Good luck and happy prospecting.


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Brad McDaniel
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