Uncover the ``elusive`` hidden Seller
Our AI reveals hidden Sellers In Your Database

Find Likely Sellers

Get your contact database scored for how likely they are to need your help selling in next 3 to 6 months

Close More Deals

Connect your buyers with Likely Sellers revealed within your database.

Enhance Your Database

Keep your database updated and enhanced with additional valuable information

Cody Gibson

Founder & CEO of United Home Group

Benefits Of Finding Hidden Sellers

Prioritize Follow-up

Spend your time with people actually looking to make a move, not lookie-loos

Audit Lead Sources

Rank all your online leads and other lead sources for their likelihood of actually moving

Tailored Campaigns

Trigger custom tailored campaigns designed to convert your contacts to clients

How This Works

We use AI to audit your database for hidden sellers, and  store the results in a secure location. To get started just drag and drop your address list from your database, and we’ll do the rest.

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Drop a CSV of your contact database onto Likely.ai

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Working with data is time consuming and not easy. Use Likely.ai’s Database Audit to clean, enhance and return your database, so you can close more deals.

  • 0-500 contacts
    • $ 399 per audit
      • Audit up to 500 contacts
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • ReRun Audit Anytime

  • 500-1k contacts
    • $ 699 per audit
      • Audit up to 1,000 contacts
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • ReRun Audit Anytime

  • 1k-2.5k contacts
    • $ 999 per audit
      • Audit up to 2,500 contacts
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • ReRun Audit Anytime

  • Bulk files
    • $ tbd per deal
      • Audit  >2,500 contacts
      • Enterprise client pricing
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