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Benefits of the KaptuRE Database

KatuRE is a revolutionary database that offers access to nearly every real estate broker and agent operating in the United States. With over 2,600,000 agents, brokers, and brokerages listed, KatuRE provides an unparalleled quantity of high-quality data.


KaptuRE is used by brokers looking to recruit new agents, mortgage brokers seeking to expand their Realtor network, and prop tech companies and real estate coaches looking for new clients. The data delivered by KatuRE includes critical information such as name, email, phone, license type, license status, address, state, and additional license details.


With this intuitive self-serve e-commerce platform, users can quickly and easily access the exact agents or brokers they need by using simple filter controls. This allows brokers to find the perfect agents for their team, mortgage brokers to expand their network, and prop tech companies and real estate coaches to identify new clients.


Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Then create a FREE account at app.likely.ai today and start exploring the data available on KatuRE. With our comprehensive database and intuitive platform, finding the right professionals has never been easier. Join the thousands of real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, prop tech companies, and real estate coaches who have already discovered the power of KatuRE.


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