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Likely Seller Models

The leader in Artificial Intelligence – As – A – Service for real estate professionals. Our models capture data from 1,000’s of sources and spits out the likelihood of somebody selling their home in 90 days. You finally have a way to know which people are likely to move, so you can spend less on expensive marketing campaigns and more time connecting with actual sellers… before they go to Zillow!

Intelligent Solutions

Likely Seller License

Dominate your entire market

All Likely Sellers in your market delivered monthly

Get access to all the likely sellers in your market!

Database REfresh

Databases into gold mines

Find hidden sellers within your database

Database REfresh is a powerful AI platform that reveals hidden likely sellers in your database.

COVID Distressed

Distressed Properties

Find homeowners that likely need options

Homeowners who are likely COVID distressed have multiple issues and are great for investors

turning data into deals

We use over 2,000 data points to create the most accurate predictions on the market today. Our technology is a game-changer that will help you dominate your market, reduce costs and get more deals.

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Likely Seller Benefits

Increase Your GCI

Discover a goldmine of sellers hidden in your market and database

Save Time

Reduce your time finding sellers

Beat Your Competition

Stay one step ahead of the competition

Find Likely Sellers

Get your contact database scored for how likely they are to need your help selling in next 3 to 6 months

Close More Deals

Connect your buyers with Likely Sellers revealed within your database.

REfresh Your Database

Keep your database updated and enhanced with additional valuable information


AI is the future of real estate, and it will save you hours every week. Find hidden sellers with just a few clicks by using this powerful artificial intelligence platform so more deals get closed!