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Why We Do This?

The number one problem for mortgage and real estate professionals in the industry today is uncertainty in lead quality.  Using deep learning we identify homes highly likely to refinance or sell, thus eliminating lead quality uncertainty.


We believe mortgage and real estate professionals should be able to trust that leads they pay for are high quality. Traditional online leads commonly contain fake names, bad contact info, and have very low conversion rates.  Using deep learning we replace your traditional uncertain online leads with high closing, predictive leads. Our goal is your success.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our NeuroLab is a GPU cluster for the advanced design of non-linear, non-sequential neural networks. We have created thousands of neural networks to look at every conceivable combination of datasets allowing our models to learn. This artificial intelligence enables us to continually process and score every property nationwide to ensure the most accurate predictions.

Big Data

Our dataset is comprehensive including all forms of real estate data as well as demographic, psychographic, financial and macro market influencers. To ensure the most accurate predictions requires massive amounts of up to date data from hundreds of sources.

Most Accurate Predictions Anywhere

How deep learning + big data can help you crush the competition!

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We Make Data Intelligent!

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Patented Artificial Intelligence Takes Precision Marketing To A New Level

Likely Referrals

Want Qualified Referrals In Your Market?

With Likely Referrals we do all of the upfront work and pass you a fully qualified referral, ready to sell!

Likely Leads

Sick of leads with low conversation rates?

Likely Leads have a 30 times higher conversation rate compared to traditional online leads!

Likely Lists

Getting a low return on your print marketing?

Likely Lists allows you to target only your potential customer!

Artificial Intelligence

Want to accelerate your success?

Leverage the most advanced technology to get more deals!