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Our Why

Brad McDaniel  Co-founder and CEO of LIKELY.AI

From Our Clients

Brock Worthen co-founder of BluePrint Real Estate Group in Los Angeles

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How Is This Possible

By joining data from CDC, Johns Hopkins, and other sources with our proprietary demographic and property datalake, we created a lens through which to see properties impacted by COVID-19.

What Is In The Files

Up to 2,000 Most Impacted Properties

Within each county,  up to the top 2,000 Off Market properties with the highest likelihood of being impacted by COVID-19 are included.  Impacted properties from both financial and health are provided in this file.

Property & Financials

On every property the files include: site and contact address, property characteristics, financial details, lender grade AVM, LTV and more.

Owner Demographic & Contact Info.

Demographic insights on the owner, including name, age, gender, occupation, up to 3 emails, a landline and cell phone (contact info when available).

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Submit Your Request Today

To submit your order, simply complete the form below, list which counties you would like, selecting the number of counties and entering your payment info.

1 to 3 County Package

One to three counties of your choice containing up to 2,000 of the most impacted properties per county, with all the detailed property and demographics information on each property provided.
$ 299 Per County

4 County Package

Four counties of your choice containing 8,000 of the most impacted properties, (up to 2,000 per county) with all the detailed property and demographics information on each property provided
$ 279 Per County

5 County Package

Five counties of your choice containing a total of 10,000 most impacted properties, (up to 2,000 per county) with all the detailed property and demographics information on each property provided
$ 249 Per County
** if more counties are listed then paid for in the product select dropdown, we will process the counties in order, as they are entered. Also, we will contact you to confirm the quantity of counties.
Upon submission of this Order, you and will be parties to a legally binding agreement. The agreement shall consist of this Order and’s Terms and Conditions located here.
By submitting this Quote, you represent that have read the Order and Terms and Conditions and agree to be legally bound thereby.
Availability of COVID Distressed Properties

Counties highlighted in blue are where COVID Distressed Property files are available.

Can I buy more than 5 counties at once?

Yes. Submit an order for your top five counties, and note that you would like additional counties in the “Market Area(s) for Purchase” field on the order form. We will contact you to get your full list of counties, and then pull together a custom order for the remaining set of counties you would like to purchase.

How will I get the COVID-19 Impacted Property files?

Once an order is submitted successfully, we will start processing it. When the files are ready to be delivered, we will email login credentials for our Partner Portal, to the email entered with the order.

Can I subscribe to get updated COVID-19 impacted property files monthly?

We are thinking of offering this service. Please email us at and let us know if you would be interested in a subscription service to the COVID-19 Impacted Properties data.

How long does it take to get COVID-19 Impacted Property files?

Your COVID-19 Impacted Property files usually take 24 hours to deliver. Files will be delivered in a first order submitted, first order delivered priority. We recommend submitting your order as soon as your ready.

What if you don't have data in my county?

In this case we would simply refund you that amount you paid. This is highly unlikely, but in this event we have your back!

Do you provide refunds?

If we can NOT deliver COVID-19 Impacted Property files for a county (unlikely), a full refund for any county NOT delivered will be issued.  See the list of counties in the above FAQ

Do you have data coverage in the county I want?

We cover almost all major metro areas and lots of more rural areas as well. In total we COVID-19 Impacted Property files ready in over 1,000 counties nationwide.

Download List of COVID-19 Counties
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