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The Realtor’s Guide to ChatGPT has over 150 chatGPT prompt templates designed to help real estate professionals increase their visibility and engagement online. Learn how to use chatGPT to create personalized conversations with prospects, create amazing marketing content and generate more leads. Get the most out of your chatGPT experience with this comprehensive guide from Likely.AI.

Templets Include:

  • Video Scripts
  • Email campaigns
  • Email subject lines
  • Cold email
  • Market Updates
  • Meeting reminder emails
  • Blogging
  • Social Media content
  • Calling Scripts
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Marketing Plan
  • Neighborhood Guide
  • Seller FAQ
  • Buyer FAQ
  • SEO Optimization
  • ** Bonus ** Data Enrichment

Whats In The Playbook?

  1. What Is ChatGPT
  2. Things to know when using it
  3. What is a ChatGPT Prompt
  4. 150+ ChatGPT Prompt Templates

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