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 Leveraging AI in SkipTracing is a game changer

Data on over 98% of the US adult population

Most accurate data that is updated daily

Get up to 5 phone & 5 emails & property address per contact

Product Overview

With SkipTrace Pro you can track down any property owner in the US, without lifting a finger from your keyboard. We’re proud to say we’ve surpassed 98% coverage on adults within the United States (which means more than 300 million people)! In just seconds, we’ll return up to 5 phone number and 5 emails on each owner… all we need are the addresses you care about!

Accuracy Case Study

A real estate client, came to us in need of a batch and API platform that could deliver updated contact information for individuals. In the past, they received less than satisfactory results from a leading competitor and enlisted an independent third-party to conduct a nationwide Phone Accuracy test.


A nationwide test amongst 3 providers (Champion, Competitor and SkipTrace PRO) measuring phone number amounts and accuracy. The test was performed using 3 different phone numbers in each of 3 states: Washington, Boston, and New Mexico. The third-party pulled a sample of 10,000 numbers to measure amounts and accuracy from each provider.

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The Results

90 +%

SkipTrace Pro matched the Champion - our best phones

< 50%

competitor matches to Champion. Less Accurate and Lower Quality numbers.

< 10%

duplicates in SkipTrace Pro phones compared to > 50% from Competitor


SkipTrace PRO beat Challenger in 2/3 of phone numbers in every city tested

Price per successful SkipTrace has been reduced:

from $0.14

to only $0.08



Now the best SkipTrace option for real estate professionals!

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You get the most up-to-date data on your contacts or properties, and only pay for those that are successfully SkipTraced!
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Working with data can be time-consuming and difficult, but not if you have the right tools. SkipTrace Pro makes it easy to find any owner's contact information!