Likely.AI CEO, one of the 2019 REAL Trends Game Changer’s

Congratulations to LIKELY.AI CEO and co-Founder Brad McDaniel for being named to the 2019 REAL Trends Game Changer’s list. Brad has been an instrumental part of the growing success of LIKELY.AI. Utilizing his past experience in leadership roles at real estate industry titans Vast, Trulia and Market Leader, combined with the ever-advancing Artificial Intelligence technology, Brad co-founded this revolutionary company, that is quickly becoming the gold standard for AI data gathering and analysis.


“I’m truly honored to be named to the REAL Trends Game Changer’s list.” Said, McDaniel. “It’s humbling to be recognized amongst so many of my distinguished colleagues in the real estate industry. I look forward to all the amazing advancements coming from all of these organizations in the upcoming year.”


Real Trends compiles this list of visionary leaders in the real estate industry annually. In their own words,” these are the people, in our opinion, who are thought leaders of the industry. They are innovators, visionaries and doers. We did not ask for submissions. The REAL Trends team built a comprehensive list of over 125 industry professionals and researched what they and their companies have planned for the coming year. Some are on the cusp of a technological breakthrough, some are launching new, promising products and services and some are innovative in their growth strategies; all are influencers.”



About Real Trends:

REAL Trends has been The Trusted Source of news, analysis, and information on the residential brokerage industry since 1987. They are a privately-held publishing, consulting and communications company based in Castle Rock, Colorado. Residential real estate leaders look to them for timely and trusted information and analysis through their monthly newsletter, news updates, conferences and publications.



About Likely.AI

LIKELY.AI is a fintech company founded in 2016 and based in Austin, Texas. LIKELY.AI is an Artificial Intelligence powered fintech company tapping into the powerful evolution of AI data gathering and analysis to provided unparalleled leads and referrals to mortgage and real estate companies across North America.  To get more information about,  contact them here.

Brad McDaniel
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