Your greatest asset is your contact database

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

~ Alan Lakein

There is no arguing a shift is happening in the market. If you are prepared for it, you will not only survive, you will thrive. The last few years have been an emotional journey for us. The real estate market has been on a meteoric progression that was bound to level off. There is no reason to panic. While these are unprecedented times, it’s not 2008. There isn’t the rampant mortgage fraud or questionable lending practices that nearly brought down the major banks in the U.S.


But these are leaner times. The Agents and Loan Officers who plan for the “rainy day” are going to be those that flourish. One of the most valuable tips I can pass on to you is that your contact database can be a gold mine for you.


It’s often easy to get into the mindset of “set it and forget it.” But, according to a recent NAR study, the average Realtor has close to 350 contacts in their database. Imagine tapping into that database with concise and measurable accuracy to determine the likelihood of one of these contact selling. Do you want to know who in your contact database will want to sell within the next 90 days?


With the accuracy of data analysis now available, this isn’t just a pipe dream. It is a reality. With things slowing down and the market changes, the savvy Realtor can gain insights with the technology tools at your disposal. This knowledge will allow you to prioritize your engagement and outreach for maximum efficacy.


At, we are not only a believer and supporter of the industry; we’ve perfected the tools to empower Agents to gain valuable insights into their contact database. For example, with our Database REfresh Report, you can see who in your sphere is likely to sell their home in 90 to 180 days and make the most effective use of your marketing spend. Likely.AI’s Founder and CEO, Brad McDaniel, with Cody Gibson shows the value of the Database REfresh and how it works in this video.

We have spent the past few years perfecting the analysis and delivery of Likely Sellers. Our mission is to become the real estate ecosystem’s Artificial Intelligence modeling partner. Using our unique machine learning models, we deliver vetted and validated leads (aka Likely Seller) more likely to become a deal than others in the industry. Thus, it allows you, the real estate professional, to maximize your profits by partnering with Likely.AI, who can and will provide you with Likely Sellers in your market.


From predictive modeling and complicated algorithms to deep learning and artificial intelligence, Likely.AI is a new-age lead generation tool that is changing lead quality expectations by identifying consumers’ likely real estate decisions before their decisions have been made. To learn more, you can contact Likely.AI HERE.

Brad McDaniel
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