Likely.AI Recognized for Real Estate AI in T3 Sixty’s 2023 Real Estate Almanac Tech 200


Likely.AI, the leading Real Estate Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, has been featured in T3 Sixty’s Tech 200 2023 Real Estate Almanac for its AI-powered products in predictive marketing and automated consumer engagement. The company’s Likely Seller Farm License and REfresh Engine have been listed in the Top of the Funnel and Middle of the Funnel categories, respectively.


GEO Farms for the REfresh Engine is an AI-enabled product that enables real estate agents to work more intelligently by predicting which properties are likely to be on the market soon. This license provides monthly updates, offering access to all likely sellers within the licensed farm area, enabling agents to grow their database of contacts likely to need help with real estate. With an impressive 1 in 10 model accuracy, agents can be the first to know who is thinking of selling, saving them time and increasing their profits. The Likely Seller Farm License is a game-changer for agents looking to stay ahead of the competition and optimize their marketing spend.


Likewise, the REfresh Engine is a cutting-edge product designed for real estate businesses to ensure they capture all opportunities from within their contact database. Leveraging the power of AI prediction and monitoring technology, REfresh Engine enriches contacts with up-to-date and accurate information, maximizes potential with AI-scored contacts, and keeps businesses ahead of the competition with automated event notifications. With ChatGPT’s integration, businesses can also get personalized, context-specific content to enhance customer engagement. REfresh Engine is the ultimate cheat code for real estate businesses looking to stay on top of compliance and outshine the competition.


“We are thrilled to be recognized by T3 Sixty in two categories of their prestigious Tech 200 2023 Real Estate Almanac,” said Brad McDaniel, CEO of Likely.AI. “At Likely.AI, we are committed to delivering innovative Real Estate AI-powered products that empower real estate agents and brokers to laser-focus their time and marketing dollars on homeowners primed to take action. Being listed in the T3 Sixty’s Tech 200 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.”


The Tech 200 is an annual identification of the residential real estate brokerage industry’s best-in-class tech products designed to help brokers, teams, and agents better identify, evaluate and choose the technologies that will help them grow and streamline their businesses. Based on its extensive consulting practice and thorough research, T3 Sixty selected 199 leading products from 78 companies for the 2023 Tech 200. The publication identifies a max of 5 best-in-class products in each grouping of the T3 Tech Landscape.


Each product is mapped across the T3 Tech Landscape, a framework that organizes industry technology products by how brokerages, teams and agents actually use them in their businesses. This means separating the tools into functional categories, defined by where they fit into the real estate process or where they land in the consumer sales funnel. The landscape includes six sections and 42 groupings in the following organization: Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, Bottom of the Funnel, Post Funnel, Business Systems, and Platforms.


“We are proud to recognize Likely.AI’s innovative Real Estate AI products in the Top of the Funnel and Middle of the Funnel categories,” said Travis Saxton, EVP Technology of T3 Sixty. “Their Likely Seller Farm License and REfresh Engine are leading the way in predictive marketing and automated consumer engagement in the real estate industry. We are excited to see how Likely.AI continues to drive the industry forward with their AI-powered solutions.”


Brad McDaniel
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