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Crafts perfect real estate ads, targeting the pain points & desires of any lead type, creating three spellbinding ads, image creative and facebook ad settings.

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A Glimpse of Lead Types at Your Fingertips..

Eco-Conscious Homebuyers:

Target individuals looking for homes with green features, from solar panels to sustainable materials. “Find your green haven with eco-friendly homes.


Luxury Property Enthusiasts:

Attract high-net-worth individuals seeking opulent estates, waterfront properties, or penthouse apartments. “Step into the lap of luxury with exclusive property listings.


Vacation and Second Home Buyers:

Offer getaways in popular vacation spots or quiet retreats. “Your dream vacation home awaits.

First-Time Homebuyers:

Offer guidance and properties that are perfect for those taking their first step onto the property ladder. “Begin your home ownership journey with confidence.


Downsizing Retirees:

Connect with older adults looking to move into smaller, more manageable homes. “Simplify your life with the perfect cozy retreat.


Urbanites Seeking Suburbia:

Target city dwellers looking to move to the suburbs for more space and a quieter lifestyle. “Swap city hustle for suburban bliss.

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Access From Multiple Places

Inside the REfresh Engine

REfresh Engine’s Marketing AI is seamlessly integrated in two key areas of the app! It’s real estate marketing, personalized and accessible, right where you need it.


1st – from the CONTACT DETAILS view access personalized insights and marketing content , available throughout the app


2nd – From the DEDICATED MARKETING AI section generate content for any property within the U.S. using just an address!

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Inside our Follow Up Boss Embedded App

Introducing the future of real estate CRM: the REfresh Engine embedded app for Follow Up Boss. Experience a fusion of your favorite CRM with the unparalleled power of OpenAI. Navigate client journeys with newfound clarity, automate tasks with intelligence, and drive engagements that resonate. It’s not just an integration; it’s a revolution in how you manage and nurture your leads.

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