“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.”

Tony Hsieh



Sometimes the little extra touches can make all the difference!



I first found this quote by Tony Hsieh, the founder and former CEO of Zappos, when I read his book, “Delivering Happiness.” The simplicity of providing a good customer experience is often lost in the day-to-day hustle of getting work done. 


This got me thinking about my friends in the Mortgage industry.  I’ve spoken to many clients and colleagues in that space, proclaiming that they are hustling harder than ever in these unusual times. A few of them professed to me that they wish they had a simple direct way to thank their Realtor clients, especially since the prospect of joining a few of their Realtor friends for a happy hour is pretty much out of the question. 


Realtors and Mortgage Brokers have a symbiotic relationship that is heavily regulated by RESPA. But rules and regulations aside, the relationship can sometimes feel a bit one-sided, and sometimes you want to say a friendly thank you for your business! How do you do that without violating RESPA rules?  


The answer is here. 


We recently had a few mortgage clients reach out to see if there was something we could do.  You see, at Likely.AI, we offer a database audit, where you can take your list of prospects, your sphere if you will, and import them into our program. Using our proprietary AI solutions, we scrub the data and analyze spitting out details about the likelihood of your prospect selling their property. With unparalleled accuracy, we can help refine your contacts list to assist with marketing and outreach to your sphere.


Now imagine, as a Mortgage Broker, you could purchase a package of Likely database audits and give them out to your best Realtor relationships. You are providing your Realtor clients with smart, focused, and co-branded marketing opportunities. The simple value of this option is an excellent and personalized way to thank them for their business. You and your Realtor clients can then put into practice the simple steps I suggested in my blog post, When it comes to prospecting outreach, keep it simple. 


We are all in this Covid-19 world for the long-haul, and it’s significantly changing the way we do business. As we all learn to alter our business practices, there are new and exciting ways to work together and, most importantly, say Thank You for your business.


At Likely.AI, we have spent the past few years perfecting the analysis and delivery of Likely Sellers. Our mission is to become the real estate ecosystem’s Artificial Intelligence modeling partner. Using our unique machine learning models, we deliver vetted and validated leads (aka Likely Seller) that have a higher likelihood of becoming a deal than others in the industry. We believe so much in our models’ accuracy that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. With only a nominal license fee to cover some of our costs, we instead tie our revenue model to a closing percentage. In other words, our success is predicated on your success. We don’t make money unless you make money. Thus, allowing you the real estate professional, to maximize your profits by partnering with Likely.AI, who will can and will provide you with Likely Sellers in your market.



From predictive modeling and complicated algorithms to deep learning and artificial intelligence, Likely.AI is a new-age lead generation tool that is changing lead quality expectations by identifying consumers’ likely real estate decisions before their decisions have been made. To learn more, you can contact Likely.AI HERE.


Brad McDaniel