Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Real Estate Social Media Content Planning


Today, we’re discussing a powerful tool for real estate agents to optimize their social media content strategy: Likely.ai’s ChatGPT. We’ll unpack how this tool can help you create a comprehensive content calendar to engage homeowners and potential sellers.


Many of us often find ourselves stuck when creating a content calendar. What should we post? When should we post it? Today, we’ll show you how ChatGPT, when prompted correctly, can generate a rich, tailored content calendar for your real estate business.


How to Harness ChatGPT’s Power

ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can generate content according to specific prompts. However, the output’s quality and relevance hinge on how well you craft these prompts.

For example, in this instance, we asked ChatGPT to act as a marketing director and write a 90-day social media content plan specifically for a real estate agent looking to attract homeowners interested in selling their properties. To further refine the output, we asked ChatGPT to emulate the style of Russell Brunson, renowned for his storytelling prowess and high-volume content creation.


The Outcome: A 90-Day Content Calendar


The result of this approach was an impressive and detailed 90-day content calendar. Here’s a snapshot of the first week’s content:

Monday: Share a client success story about selling their house fast for top dollar.

Tuesday: Explain the importance of pricing a house correctly from the start.

Wednesday: Address common questions about selling a home.

Thursday: Showcase a transformation, such as the impact of home staging.

Friday: Highlight local market news or events in your area.

You can see how this framework is both specific to real estate and customizable to your unique business needs. It’s not a generic guide but a personalized roadmap for your social media content.


Why You Need ChatGPT for Your Real Estate Business


Content is king in the digital world, and having a content calendar like this can jump-start your social media presence. By leveraging ChatGPT, you can generate ideas tailored to your real estate business, making it easier than ever to produce engaging content.

However, remember that ChatGPT is only as powerful as the prompts you give it. Learn to ask the right questions and you’ll be able to extract the most value from this resource.


Making ChatGPT Work for You


At Likely.ai, we’re dedicated to helping real estate agents make the most of AI tools like ChatGPT. Although we don’t provide one-on-one consultations, we offer a range of guides, resources, and community support to help you navigate these technologies. Join our AI Empowered Agents community on Facebook for more insights and support.


To get your hands on the 90-day content calendar generated by ChatGPT, simply click the link in this blog post. There’s no opt-in required – just download the guide and start creating engaging content for your real estate business. 90 Day Content Calendar


So, why not give it a try? Harness the power of Likely.ai and ChatGPT today, and watch as your content strategy transforms into a revenue-generating machine. Until next time, keep creating and keep earning!


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