LIKELY.AI vs The Best AI Integration for Follow Up Boss

In the highly competitive real estate market, advanced data solutions integrated with robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are vital. Two significant players in this space, Likely.AI and, each present unique offerings in terms of Follow Up Boss integration. However, it’s evident that Likely.AI stands out with its compelling value proposition. This article delves into their features, specifically highlighting why Likely.AI is the best AI integration for Follow Up Boss.


Likely.AI: Leading the Pack in Follow Up Boss Artificial Intelligence Integration


When it comes to seamlessly integrating with Follow Up Boss, Likely.AI unquestionably leads the pack. Here are a few key differences that make LIKELY.AI stand out against


1. Automatic Contact Enrichment: A Key Differentiator: Likely.AI automatically updates and enriches contact information within the Follow Up Boss system, keeping the most accurate name, phone number, physical address, and email address readily accessible. This integrated service, which comes at no extra cost, sets Likely.AI apart, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring agents always have the most accurate, up-to-date contact information.


2. Seller Predictions: An Unmatched Precision: Unlike other platforms, Likely.AI uses thousands of data points with a patented algorithm. This technology enables LIKELY.AI to provide highly accurate predictions of potential sellers within a 90-day window. These precise, short-term predictions empower real estate agents to streamline their marketing efforts and focus their resources on the highest-probability leads.


3. Affordable Pricing: High Value for Money: Likely.AI offers a highly competitive pricing structure. Their flat monthly subscription starts at just $89 for 2,000 contacts, an attractive price point considering the comprehensive suite of services on offer. These include 24/7 contact monitoring, automatic contact enrichment, and precise seller predictions backed by a patented algorithm. An AI Alternative that Lags in Follow Up Boss Integration


While provides a viable alternative, it comes with several limitations that are especially noticeable when integrating with Follow Up Boss.


1. Contact Enrichment: An Added Cost: integrates with Follow Up Boss, but it charges additional fees for its contact enrichment service, which isn’t built into the platform like Likely.AI’s service. This add-on manual approach causes inconvenience and extra costs for real estate professionals seeking to have a turn key comprehensive solution.


2. Seller Predictions: Limited Precision: Unlike Likely.AI, relies on old school online intent data to predict potential sellers. This approach often lags behind real-time market dynamics and provides a less precise six-month window for seller leads. It was thought that this was the gold standard for real estate AI until LIKELY.AI came in with their patented process.


3. Pricing Model: Higher Initial Investment:’s pricing model might be a deterrent for some real estate professionals. They charge $1 per contact on a 12-month retainer basis, and this fee is required upfront. Compared to Likely.AI’s flexible monthly subscription model,’s pricing lacks flexibility and might not provide the best value for money.


Likely.AI: The Clear Choice for Follow Up Boss Artificial Intelligence Integration


From the comparison table, it’s clear that Likely.AI offers superior value. Its contact enrichment feature is more advanced and included in the service, compared to which charges an additional fee. Likely.AI uses thousands of data points for predictions, providing a 90-day window for seller leads, while uses online intent data offering a much wider window of 6 months.





Contact Enrichment Built-in, no additional cost Charges additional fee
Data Points Used for Predictions Patented algorithm predicts within a 90-day window Old School online intent data, predicts within 6 months
Pricing Monthly subscription starting at $89 for 2000 contacts $1 per contact for a 12-month retainer
24/7 Monitoring Yes, with real-time notifications Not specified
Integration with Follow Up Boss Seamless and enriches CRM with up-to-date contact details Not as comprehensive



In conclusion, Likely.AI’s robust features and affordable pricing structure set it apart as the best AI integration for Follow Up Boss. Its unparalleled accuracy in seller predictions, automated contact enrichment, and excellent value for money make it an ideal choice for real estate professionals. Therefore, whether you’re a seasoned agent or a newcomer to the field, opting for Likely.AI will undoubtedly ensure success in today’s competitive real estate market. Experience the future of real estate with Likely.AI’s cutting-edge AI solutions, and redefine your success story.



In the fast-paced world of real estate, having the right data and marketing solutions is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. When comparing Likely.AI to, two prominent platforms in the industry, it’s clear that Likely.AI offers a comprehensive set of features designed to empower real estate agents. With Likely.AI’s advanced technology, including the REfresh Engine, integration with ChatGPT prompts, and Pre-Market AI models, agents can leverage the power of artificial intelligence and big data to optimize their marketing efforts and never miss another deal opportunity.



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